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  • cultural

    Cultural Program


    Studies have shown that exposure to arts and cultural programs stimulates young people’s minds and are an excellent way of building inclusive societies, promoting personal growth, and bridging social divides.

    Further, India  has an incredibly rich and diverse cultural heritage that must be preserved. Its population is a combination of ethnic and indigenous groups of which have unique cultural traditions, art, and languages. Socio-cultural interventions aim to preserve and promote local culture as a means of human development.

    The Heritage Tours will show you a wide array of arts and cultural programs for marginalized youth, as well as cultural centers, museums, institutes, and foundations, which promote cultural preservation and provide access to art, science, and cultural works for all sectors of society.

    Programs include:

    • Art and cultural activities such as theater, poetry, dance, and music that promote self-esteem, creativity, and social skills
    • Dramatic arts programs as a vehicle for self-expression and action
    • Visual arts to enhance understanding of social issues and human rights
    • Workshops on social and cultural movements
    • Cultural and historic restoration projects

  • Motivational Program


    motivationalYou have the power to create new outcomes in your life as you become conscious of the power of your words, your interactions, and your connections.

    Programs and Services

    Conscious Connections Programs

    Language of Mastery Programs

    Language Upgrading Service

    Virtual Event Coordination & Facilitation:
    Networking Events, Mingles, Roundtables, Master Minds, Discussion Groups, Chamber Events, Association Events, Webinars, Peer Groups, Language Upgrading Service

  • Yoga Show


    yogaThrough masterpieces of Indian sculpture and paintings, we explores yoga’s goals; its Hindu, as well as Buddhist, Jain, and Sufi manifestations; its means of transforming body and consciousness.

    We will present this leitmotif of Indian visual culture and examines the roles of yogis and yoginis played in Indian society over two thousand years.

    During your Heritage Tour we will also provide you a yoga session from our expert yoga trainers for your stress free and healthy life